iOS app keeps trying to put my notes in the “On The Agenda” folder when I don’t want them there

Every once in awhile, for some reason, when I press the + button to put a new note into one of my folders, the app will suddenly bring me into the “On Your Agenda” folder instead and create the note there. I don’t want my note in there, I’m creating it in the folder I want it in for a reason.

This is the only issue I’ve had with Agenda in my entire time using the app, but I find it so frustrating.

Is there a way to fix this bug?

For reference, I’m using the latest version of the IOS app on iPad.

Please note that On-the-Agenda is not a project, it is an overview. That means your note can be in the project of your choice, but also be in On-the-Agenda. It is similar to flagging a note important.

You can choose in the Agenda settings whether notes should be on-the-agenda by default. For some people, new notes are important to work with, and this makes sense. But for other use cases, it doesn’t.

Just open the right panel, and tap the settings button bottom-left. In the General tab, change the setting for “Mark New Notes as On the Agenda”.

Hope that helps!
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The issue is that I have marking new notes as On The Agenda turned off already- It just occasionally doesn’t work. ):

Could there be a reason? Eg. When you add the notes, is On-the-Agenda selected in the sidebar? That might be a case where it will assume you explicitly want to add something on-the-agenda.

Another override might be templates. Do you use templates with on-the-agenda selected?