iOS 12 checkboxes harder to tick


This is just a tip for iOS 12, not a complaint. I’m sure you are getting around to fixing iOS 12 stuff as it comes, so I hope this helps!

Using iOS 12 with Agenda app, latest update: Checkboxes are pretty hard to tap on iOS 12 (like less area to tap on to tick the box) and when I do finally tap it (by holding for a quick second) it distorts the little circle into an oval (with a light grey circle behind it) and then ultimately appears “checked”.

This was not occuring before I installed iOS 12 beta, it was very easy to tick the boxes and no “stretched circle” during animation.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for reporting this. We will investigate.


Yup, noticed the same behavior on iPad Pro 12” with 12 Beta. Works as expected on iPad Pro 10.5” with iOS 11.