Invoking the cursor

Running Agenda 7.0 public release on iOS 13.0 (also public release).

When all there is on a note is a pasted screenshot (iPhone 8 Plus, portrait mode), it is quite hard to let Agenda understand that I don’t want to view or edit the image, but rather that I want to continue typing. This happens because there is very little space left between the note’s UI borders and the image. The solution currently is to remind myself to add one or two carriage returns to leave space for typing eventually.

Before 7.0, this never happened.

Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid this seems to be a problem introduced in iOS 13 by Apple. Their Apple Notes app seems to have the same issue.

One trick I learned that helps work with the cursor is to tap and hold on the space bar, and then drag. This moves the cursor. Very useful.

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