Invisible “show related”/“show recent” is very hard to click

In your next update, you should make the collapsed “show related” and “show recent” controls (bottom right of the main window) visible when they are collapsed. Having to guess at their location is annoying:

Even when mousing over, the active highlight is so subtle it’s still pretty much invisible:

I’d recommend you just draw these in the standard screen font that all the other controls are drawn in.

I’d also recommend adding a very subtle little divider just above each, just to create a small separation. When expanded, the calendar and these controls all seem to run together and it’s sometimes hard to parse what’s going on:

I assume this is only a problem in dark mode, correct? Looks like the dark mode color is somehow wrong, so it becomes invisible.

Nope, it’s not only dark mode, I have this in light mode too (even worse than screenshot above):
CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 13.15.26

OK, thanks, we’ll take a look.

Confirmed here too – seeing it in both modes.

Really odd, have never seen this. Is it on macOS 14? And does it show normal if you quit and restart the app? Also, is the system itself in dark or light mode?

Latest Mac OS 14.2 (23C64). Quitting and restarting does not solve the problem. It is persistent. It behaves the same in both light and dark mode.

Could be a macOS 14 issue, we’ll check it out, thanks for the follow up!

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