Invisible (L)ink

What I did: With the cursor on a new line, I right-clicked on the empty line and attempted to create a link to a note in another project.

What happened: There is no link. When I hover over the line the cursor changes to a pointer, but there is no visible text. When I click on the line with the pointer nothing happens.

What I expected: I expected a hyperlink to appear. Something… anything.

What the developers probably expected: The developers probably expected me to select a word and then create the link on the selected word. I just tried that and it works. But I’m kind of dumb like that… :wink:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.1.2, MacOS Mohave.

I had exactly this the other day! What I wanted to happen was for the ‘insert link’ command to paste in the title of the other note as hyperlink.

The context is, that in a note I’ll want to write something like:

The next thing to do is revise [Note of meeting with X]

But when I’m writing that, I don’t know the title of that note, so I can’t type it out. I just use the right click menu to navigate to it.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce this.

If I have the cursor at the start of a line, right click, and choose a different note, it inserts the note title and link.

Can you try this with 9.1.3 and let us know if it still is a problem?

It appears to be working as expected in 9.1.3. Thanks for the response!

Great! Thanks for letting us know.