Intellectual Property (IP)

If I enter a Business Plan or details for a new concept for example, is the information within my Agenda safe & even possibly protected chronologically in the cloud or on your servers?

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Not entirely sure what you mean with protected chronologically. Here’s more details that might be of help:

  • Agenda stores your notes locally on your Mac and iOS device, where it relies on you having protected your device appropriately. I.e. make sure you have FileVault turned on on your Mac so that all your content is encrypted (iOS already does this by default) and have it protected properly with a pin/passcode.

  • You decide whether your data also goes to the cloud by enabling or disabling sync in the Agenda preferences.

  • If you have sync enabled your data is stored in iCloud in your personal iCloud account (protected with your Apple ID). Data is stored encrypted in iCloud by Apple and it is impossible for us (or anyone else) to have access to your data at all.

Note that we don’t yet:

  • protect access within Agenda on your device with a password, if you let somebody access your Mac he/she can start Agenda and see your notes.

  • encrypt data within the Agenda files on your device, idem as above, if you let somebody access your Mac and the person copies the Agenda container he/she can (with the right technical skills) see the content of your notes

  • support end-to-end encryption where we encrypt your data before it even goes to iCloud so that even Apple could not access it if they are forced to.

These further improvements to security are on our roadmap.