Integration with Todoist

Love the look of Agenda, and was also wondering about some sort of integration with Todoist. What would be really great maybe would be the ability to view Todoist tasks in the right hand section along with calendar and related notes.

So rather than adding a note, and using share to create a new task in Todoist, having the ability to link notes with Todoist tasks in the same way you can link notes to Calendar events.

I think that could be really great if it was at all possible.


Thanks for the feedback!

This is quite specialized to one app, so probably won’t consider it in the near term. The calendar integration alone was a lot of work, I’m afraid. It was far from trivial, which probably explains why there haven’t been more apps doing this.

But long term we will certainly think about how we can integrate with other apps. Reminders would probably be first on our list though.

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I’d be excited about this, except Apple hasn’t shown any commitmet to enhancing “Reminders” in the last few releases. I understand that it’s native but maybe putting the effort in on an Agenda API and installed service would be an idea you’d entertain instead of Reminders?

I use Todoist quite often because it allows me to delegate tasks to my contractors real time, which is very valuable.

So what I do in Agenda is that I create a note with the title being the “task” title I’m tracking. That note will contain several notes or maybe processes. I’ll highlight the title and then hit the key combo to bring up the Todoist quick entry, paste the title in the task, then if I want I’ll copy and paste the note contents (literally 3 clicks). I then fill the rest of the task particulars out assiging project, priority and a date. The whole thing takes less than 30 seconds to create start to finish. There’s no amount of “integration” that would be faster than that without SPECIFICALLY writing it JUST for Todoist, which no one is going to do with ANY app.

For the record, if you go to System Preferences->Extensions on your Mac and check Todoist for both boxes, you can then select ANY note in Agenda, then either click the Share->Add to Todoist and the Task Title will be populated by the Title and note contents. It will even copy the date. You probably will have to highlight the note part, CUT it, then paste it in the comments. Maybe that’s easier than the above.


Hi Drew - that was me thinking aloud as much as anything. I realise that a. it probably wouldn’t be straightforward, and b. there likely wouldn’t be any compelling reason to do it for Todoist any more than any number of apps. I guess as much as anything that Agenda and Todoist share great functionality and attractive minimalist design.

It may be the sort of thing that works better with something like Chrome extensions in a web version - for example Todoist integrates with Toggl in that environment, but not in the app itself.

All of this is just gravy though - Agenda as it is looks great, and really looking forward to seeing the iOS version.

That’s a great method - I forgot about the built in share extensions.

And I’ve figured out a workaround for what I was thinking of - because you can create a calendar of Todoist tasks, they can actually appear as calendar events in Agenda, and can then associate notes with them.

At the end of the day, it maybe isn’t worth having task notes in Agenda rather than Todoist, but I like the way notes are presented in Agenda, as opposed ot the pop up box in Todoist.

Maybe my ideal would be for Todoist to have task notes in a third column rather than a pop up box. A bit like email programmes, with a column for folders (projects), a column for emails titles (tasks) and a column for currently selected email (notes for currently selected task).

Everyone’s workflow and preferences are different. But for me, it looks as though Agenda makes more sense than Evernote with how it works. So in conjunction with a calendar / Todoist and Toggl it will still be extremely useful. I just need to play around a bit and figure out what role I need each to play where there is a bit of overlap.

Thanks for that reminder by the way! I actually forgot that you can create a calendar called Todoist and then post tasks to at date.

I’ve always struggled with the philosophy of tasks being on a calendar because of the overhead. I always had this thing where is there was a firm date and time for something then it went on the calendar. Meetings. Family events, etc. Also regularly scheduled events go there, too. Things that have to get done with no particular time go on a task list for a date. Ideally you’d like to see both on whatever view you are using. Todoist is poor in being able to view your calendar. Omnifocus is ideal, because you can see both tasks and calendar on any particular day. But then, unfortunately, I don’t think that Omnifocus can PUT a task on iCal.

I have found that there are “calendar” people and “To-Do” people in the way they order their lives. Some people want everything on a calendar and run to that using iCal or some derivative like Fantastical or Google Calendar. Other people, like me, simplify and put everything on their todo system as it does the same thing. Todoist offers a nice view of things, delegation and re-scheduling of todos so that makes it a very good vehicle.
But now, as you pointed out, since you could create a calendar called “Todoist” and then let iCal have it, that makes those tasks available in Agenda.

Nice find and I appreciate the heads up on that!

I’m probably guilty of seeing something like Agenda, really liking how it looks, thinking I should use it, but ending up being too busy doing stuff, and not as good as I should be about organising things.

I mentioned the way Fantastical lists events on the left hand side, and you can scroll through them, and use a calendar view to quickly scroll to the selected date. Which is how I would love the right hand side of Agenda to work.

Again, everyone is different, but I quite like a list view in a calendar to scan through and see what is coming up. And I guess to me within that list I can have actual events, or due dates / reminders of tasks.

On a side note, but a real bugbear of mine is the way a lot of the iOS calendar apps list all days in their list view. Which I hate, because I’d rather just see the dates something is happening or due, and not have space taken up by days with nothing.

I use Todoist constantly. This feature would be super helpful. I approve of this request and 2nd the motion.


Same. I would love for a todoist integration. Pretty please :slight_smile:

  • premium user for both agenda & todoist

Me too! I used Todoist after trying almost everything else, And something as simple as being able to drag Todoist tasks into Agenda would be great. Or being able to import Todoist tasks. Todoist will export to XML, so If agenda could import XML that would be what I wanted at least as a first pass.


this would be mega!!!

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Fantastical recently came out with a really nice integration with Todoist. Integrating Todoist with Agenda would reallly make for a great trio of functionality. (It woudl also be great to allow for Agenda to launch into Fantastical).

Thank you for creating Agenda. Love it!


+1! I’d love for Agenda to support apps other than just the native Calendar and Reminders app. I’m a big user of Fantastical and Todoist, so I’d love it if Agenda would support those properly (the “Show event in Fantastical” link in Agenda kinda works if you have it set as the default calendar app, but only takes you to the first event on the same day, and to get Agenda reminders into Todoist you have to do a separate sync with the native Reminders app, via something like IFTTT, which is super unreliable).

I mean, if the native Apple apps were so good, we’d be using Notes instead of Agenda, right?


I am not sure if this is what you guys are looking for but I am using Agenda to capture the main notes / files relevant to a specific subject - for the purpose of this explanation I shall name it Title.

I then create a Todoist task with the same name (Title) and I copy the “Agenda Link” ( right click in the Agenda, Copy As - Agenda Link) and insert it in Todoist tase description. I now have a todoist task that can send me back to the Agenda :slight_smile: