Integration with the Timing App

It would be great to not only link notes to calandar entries but projects in Timing. Since the Agenda team promoted the product to me I’m finding the Timing application becoming a critical function of my work day for tracking everything from conversations to meetings and interactions.

Linking a note to certain projects and being able to come up with a combined set of notes for a task or project in Timing would be a big help.


Hi Anthony,
Glad you are finding Agenda and Timing useful.
You can create links in Agenda for notes or projects. Select a note, and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link. Paste that into Timing, and when you click it, Agenda will open and show you the note.
Same works with whole projects.
Kind regards,

We use this extensively with Harvest Time Management and Business system. We do all our time, billing, project billing, invoicing and collections there for only $12/month. A steal. We also get dashboards and complete breakdown of all project budget vs. actuals. The copy Agenda link is invaluable. My son’s law office uses it with Evernote.

Thanks Drew, do I paste it in the Title section of the Timing task?

I don’t have much experience with Timing. Is there a notes section? I would think you could paste it in notes, or something similar.