Integration with Salesforce

Hey, Agenda is great for people working in customer facing roles as it works offline, can be linked to meetings, and helps track follow up tasks. I find it solves two problems for me, on-site meeting note taking, and as a technical knowledge base due to the in-line tagging.

A feature that would really help me would be the ability to push my meeting notes to Salesforce. You can already send emails to Salesforce and it associated with an account / oppo based on he recipients email address, I would love to be able to do the same using meeting attendee info. At the moment it’s a manual copy and paste, which is no big deal, but this feature would streamline my current workflow.

Thanks for the suggestion and glad you like Agenda so much! This is probably too specific for us to add, compared to say Evernote import. We’ll see if we perhaps could come up with a plugin interface of some sort that would allow others to build such integrations.
Best wishes,

Seems like a missed opportunity. This is the only thing missing for me and I’ll likely have to use a different app that has this. I love this app but I also hate having to copy/paste my notes into SFDC