Integration with reminders tags

Reminders in ios15/monterey has the notion of “tags” to reminders. It would be neat if you could associate a meeting with a person with a tag in reminders. So when you create and agenda note for a meeting with person, it could pull in the reminders with the associated tag for that person into the notes. So you could have a meeting with agenda notes with the reminders you made tagged with that persons name in the notes.

Or if you could associate a project in agenda (left column) with a tag in reminders. So any reminder you make in any note in that project would be tagged in reminders with the associated tag. And vice versa,

Unfortunately the tags in the Reminders app are proprietary to the Reminders app only, they don’t make these available to 3rd party developers so we can’t access them alas :frowning:

You should be able to read and write then just like you are doing reminders now.