Integration with Raycast for searching

Hello - I’m using Raycast on MacOS as a shortcut system, and it has a rich integration store, including with NotePlan. This is a request to prioritize integration of Agenda with Raycast on MacOS for searching my notes quickly. This is valuable for finding meeting notes.


OOOH! I would love this too!

I am currently using Obsidian and they have this too.

Would be great if we could use Raycast to search for notes and go to them directly from it.

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Related, but not exactly the same, we have a complete overhaul of search coming in Agenda 19. Will also support spotlight. It is a major improvement over what we have now.


Exciting. I love Raycast and Agenda.

Probably the wrong place to post this, but I’ll throw it out anyway.
With Arc retiring their notes feature, is there ever a way that there could be a browser integration with them?
Would love to be able to open a simple note in Arc and have it appear in Agenda too.

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I fear that would have to come from Arc.

Note that we do have a share sheet. You can use that from any app, and it allows you to edit your notes from the other app. Worth checking out. Perhaps it could be used for quick notes.

To access that, use the share menu, which is usually a box with an arrow icon.

Just asking, but this feature doesn’t sync both notes, right?

Is this question to me or @marathon_man? I’m not really following.

@drewmccormack you, I clicked to answer, but it didn’t go as expected

If you mean “would the Agenda note and Arc note” sync up, the answer is no. It would not be like that. It would be a one way share. In that sense, a link may work better. With a link, you can reference something, and you always get the latest version.

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It’s not very useful for Raycast users, but there is a workflow for Alfred that allows to search Agenda notes. There is also an Alfred workflow for adding notes to Agenda using Shortcuts.

Thank you - search is a critical use case for me as I take notes and paste AI-generated meeting notes into Agenda for future quick reference

It might not be a perfect solution, but I’ve created a backup shortcut that dumps my whole Agenda contents (in Markdown format) into a directory (a few of them, actually). The directory is then indexed by DEVONthink. I use DEVONthink to search for pretty much anything related to Agenda. The dumped notes contain an agenda:// link back to the original note.

It’s clunky, but it works. You can integrate it with Shortcuts, Obsidian, whatever floats your boat, really.

Interesting! Hopefully you can start using Agenda itself for search soon. We are close to beta testing Agenda 19, which has much improved search and spotlight integration.