Integration with other apps- Things 3 and Calendar

I’ve been using Agenda now as a paid subscriber for about four years. It’s a really elegant app that for the most part I really love.
Couple things that are causing some issues, neither of which is a Agenda issue, but could use some advice.

  • Linking to reminders. I use Things 3 for my reminder and todo lists. I love that you can put a reminder into a note and have it appear in Reminders, except, I don’t really want to have to use that app just for Agenda todos. Any chance of giving users options to what tools they want to link with?

  • Calendar sync. Could use some advice here. My employer uses Outlook for our calendar. I’m using Outlook for Mac with no issues. Apple’s Calendar however is pretty sketchy about syncing with Outlook. It doesn’t do it very often, and I haven’t been able to isolate why that its. As a result I have an an almost daily issue that when I try to open a note in Agenda and tie it to a meeting, that meeting isn’t on the calendar view. Anyone else seeing this and what an be done?

If you connect Things with Reminders, you’ll be sorted! Then when you create a reminder in Agenda it’s synced with Reminders which is synced with Things.

You can do the same with any app that syncs with Reminders.

I can’t remember how to do it as I don’t use that functionality any longer, but check Things help.