Integration with Google calendar

I’ve used a licensed version of this app for a few years now. I don’t use it as much as I would like because of the lack of integration with Google Calendar. I could “futs” with getting it to work by way of my system calendar, but I don’t want to engage another system for this single purpose (it likely involves including my email etc).

The option has been in discussion since 2018. It would be a big win for me if there was “first class” support for Google Calendar.

What Agenda uses is not the Calendar app, but the system Calendar Store, which is a database shared between all apps.

This is actually separate to the Calendar app, but Apple have some settings in the Calendar app. In short, you don’t really need to use the Calendar app, you just need to make sure Google Calendar is added to the Calendar Store of the device, which you can do in the Settings app under “Internet Accounts”.

It may be necessary to open the Calendar app once to register the Google account, but you shouldn’t need it at all after that. And there is no requirement to make an account with Apple using your email.



hi there! so I have my google calendar syncing up to icloud, but my google calendar still isn’t showing up in agenda. it’s only showing the icloud calendars, not any of my other calendars synced to icloud. thoughts on whats going on here?

So if you open Apple’s Calendar app, do you see the Google calendar in there?

correct! I can see it in ical but not in agenda

ideally, would love to have Agenda and my GCal integrate on both ends but for now at least seeing my Gcal events in Agenda would be helpful

i’m seeing my gcal in agenda now! must have just taken a bit to adjust and show up. looking forward to hearing when there’s an update on 2-way integration for gcal

Have you set google as your default cal in apple cal settings?

If you see the events in Agenda (and Apple Calendar app), it should also sync the other way. Ie adding an event in Agenda should automatically add it to gcal, perhaps after a delay. Does adding an event in Apple Calendar make it appear in gcal?