Integration with Contacts

There are a ton of calendar, reminders, and notes apps out there. For some reason all these developers don’t integrate Contacts. The reason this is important is that the world revolves around People. You make notes about your interactions with People, you have appointments with People, You’re reminded about tasks that are related to things about People. Someone may say “well I don’t work with people, and I say, all tasks, activities, appointments, and notes you make in some way deal with people, even if it’s just yourself (pretty lonely by the way).

Please consider integrating People.

Absolutely. Been on the roadmap since day 1.

Note that we do support people tags, and these are going to be even better in Agenda 14. (You will finally be able to have a space in someone’s name!)

But you are absolutely right, contacts integration is desirable. It’s just a question of resources and priorities. We are certainly not against this idea, and it is quite high on our list now.


BusyCal integrates Contacts.