Integration with Calendar: deselecting calendars

I just started using Agenda. It does look like the integration with Calendar shows every calendar I run in the Calendar app. I run many calendars in my Calendar app and hide a few of them because I only need to check them occasionally. But Agenda doesn’t care, and doesn’t seem to give me the opportunity to hide events from calendars I check only occasionally. This make the calendar events view in Agenda very confusing for me, with many items being displayed that I could not care less. I think a better integration with the Calendar app would give the user the opportunity to hide a few calendars from that app.

Said that, I should say Agenda looks very pretty. I see some people complain about the font and its size. I love it, but of course the ideal solution would be to give Agenda access to the system fonts and let the user pick the font they want.


Thanks for the feedback! It is on our radar.

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+1 for that feature, it would really help me also

i would also love this feature, e.g.:

+1 for that feature as well!

+1 from me as well. First thing I’d like to see changed :slight_smile:

I think a better integration with the calendars in any sense could improve a lot Agenda. The possibility to switch continuously from Agenda to Calendars and viceversa would make this app really unique, reflecting well its name. I am thinking about to develop many other features, like for example the possibility to see notes, links and attachments (when it will be possible to see them on Agenda) on calendars as well, opening them on Agenda app from the calendars, especially when there will a IOS version of the app. I hope for these features in the future.

Update: Today’s 2.0 update allows you to hide calendars you don’t need (requires premium features).


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