Integration: Readwise

I’m not married to Readwise, but it is an excellent example. I would like to see an integration with something like Readwise that allows me to collect all of my highlighting and marginellia in one place and automatically have that show up in Agenda.

Here is the link to their API, if it helps: Readwise API

Not sure if this helps, but we do have pretty good Shortcut support now. It may be possible to setup something that appends things you get from Readwise to a note in Agenda. You could probably ask more in the Shortcut discussions Shortcuts - Agenda Community

I am married to Readwise, and it’s one of the most essential tools in my tool belt. It’s how I read everything, always, and it’s how I can actively store the best parts of what I read.

  • I can easily highlight anything on any website, and it’s easily saved into my Readwise account.
  • I can use their Reader tool like a next-generation Instapaper or Pocket, and I’m able to highlight the good stuff and take notes while I’m going through everything. Here I can read articles from the web, PDFs, RSS feeds, or ePubs, or have any of these things read to me by a pretty solid text-to-speech implantation.
  • I can highlight books on a hardware Kindle, or using any of the Kindle apps, and these highlights and notes will be automatically saved.
  • I can highlight podcast transcripts in Snipd, so insights can actually live for more than just a few moments before they’re forgotten

And all of this stuff can be automatically imported into a lot of really solid note-taking apps, like Obsidian and Reflect, and a bunch of other apps like this.

But does it work with Agenda? Nope. Not yet, and maybe not ever. There’s not enough demand, apparently.

But surely there are more than two Agenda users who’d love to see built-in support for Readwise, right?

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There are so many services that we could integrate with. We just don’t have the resources to integrate them all. A lot of integrations are also web based, and Agenda is not web based.

Our preference is to provide generic integration. You can already embed links to your content, and you can embed and edit documents. This integration works with any standard app.

Something we would like to add is web clips and previews. That would help with a lot of the services we don’t yet support well.

Note also that Agenda is a good citizen when it comes to sharing extensions etc. If a Readwise sharing extension exists, it should be possible to select text in Agenda, and share it straight to Readwise. If you are really committed, you can even setup Shortcuts for more complex workflows.

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