Integrate with IFTTT

Just thinking that it would be great to have an IFTTT service that would allow me to enter information into Agenda from other sources automatically


You’re on a roll! Thanks again.

Yes… +1. That’d be cool. Would also love — while we wait for an iOS app — for their to be a way to create a note via Drafts iOS. No idea if that’s even possible.


I was also thinking about this. Drafts could be an option while waiting for the ios app.


+1 for IFTTT integration!

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+1 for more possible integrations such as, IFTTT and so on :slight_smile:

  • 1,000,000 for IFTTT integration - please and thank you!

+1 for IFTTT integration. I was searching for this couple of days before hoping it would exist

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