Insertion cursor jumping when I try to insert text

New info. Pressing the “delete” key also causes the jump. I just selected some text in the middle of a note and attempted to delete it. The delete did not occur, rather the cursor jumped to the bottom of the note — which is where my last edit was.

Could it be that the cursor jumps to the place of the previous edit? Curioser and curiouser…

FWIW, this jump occurred on a different machine, also running Agenda 9.3.1 and MacOS 10.14.6. Same iCloud account, though.

I assume not all deletes trigger it, but just that one, correct?

Indeed, that is my working theory: the selection jumps back to the previous location when this happens. How or why nobody knows at this point, and because it only happens intermittently, it is very difficult to track down.

Right. Not all deletes or returns. So far there’s no pattern that I can discern.

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Do you have Agenda open on several devices, using the same iCloud and Agenda accounts?

The problem of the jumping cursor and the ghost list items seems to be related. It is happening not simultaneously, but right after another. Both look like syncing/timing issues with iCloud sync.

I have written up a detailed description I’m going to add to my original (related) report.

I’m on 9.3.2 and experience similar behavior (happens quite often). I’m typing (in a list) and all of a sudden my cursur jumps right to the middle of another list item.

The jumping cursor issue still exists on 10.0.1.

I, too, have been experiencing the jumping cursor. I’m now on 10.0.4 and it keeps happening.

It seems like it happens in two specific scenarios:

  1. When Agenda does not have focus and I click back on the app
  2. When I cut and paste text, usually from one note to another

For 1, the issue seems to arise when I click to bring focus to Agenda AND place the cursor at the same time. If I then type something, the text will often (but not always) start being inserted at the location where the cursor was when Agenda was last in focus. It’s almost as if Agenda is ignoring where I clicked and simply gets focus.

For 2, it seems related to 1, but maybe this is another issue entirely. Repro steps don’t work 100% of the time, but go something like this:

  • Select some text in one note and perform a Cut
  • Click to move the cursor to a location in a different note
  • Paste the cut text
  • Expected: Cut text on the clipboard is pasted at the cursor location
  • Actual Result: The entire note that the text was copied from is duplicated as a new note in the notebook

Thanks. This is good feedback, and actionable. It gives me some clues as to what might be happening. Will investigate.

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Returning to this finally, but I am having some trouble figuring out what you are doing. You mention that it happens if you click in Agenda from a different app, and the cursor moves. But I can’t make that happen. Clicking on Agenda brings it to the front, but does not move the cursor. I need a second click to move the cursor.

Can you explain how you are doing this?

Cursor jumping happens multiple times a week for me, and has for as long as I can remember. It’s occurred on multiple versions of MacOS and Agenda (prod and beta).

I will be actively typing in my note and the cursor will jump mid-sentence to the top of the visible portion of the note and continue on as if nothing has happened.

I can only assume that I’m not hitting some sort of key binding that sends me there… otherwise this would be an extremely embarrassing post…

We believe it’s indeed an issue in Agenda and has been there for a long time. We also believe the frequency should be a lot lower in the upcoming version 11 update but we cannot guarantee it is completely eradicated. Therefore if you do find conditions where it happens consistently after certain steps, please let us know as it would be of great help to eliminate any remaining occurrences.

It just happened while I was modifying a template. I’m on Agenda, Version 11.00 (144), and MacOS, Version 10.15.6.

Step 1. I cut (\event-notes(organizer)) (including the space before the open paren):

Step 2. Pasted it at the bottom of the template:

Step 3. Clicked at (near??) the end of the line where I just pasted the text, hit Delete to remove the close paren, and ended up with a jumped cursor and a deleted newline on the line that begins with Purpose.


Thanks, that’s very helpful

I see the same behavior often, and have done through multiple app versions. The occurrence is erratic. I rarely use the MacOS app, so I have only noted this in iOS. When the behavior appears, it may disappear as unpredictably as it came. Today, the jumping was frequent enough to make the app use difficult. Closing Agenda from the App Switcher, then opening again resolved the problem. Hope that these observations will be helpful.

Update: I’m happy to say that the 11.1 update should now fix the scroll jumping issues introduced by iOS14. The update is currently going in beta and should be out later the coming week hopefully.