Insertion cursor jumping when I try to insert text

What I did:When I place the insertion bar at a location where I wish to insert new text,

What happened: the insertion point jumps back to some earlier editing location and places the new text there.

What I expected:I want the insertion bar to stay where I place it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):it happens on my ipad and on my macbook pro

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I have similar problem with my Agenda on macOS. The Agenda is creating empty rows in a Note with neverending repetition. It is not usable. Could this be because I am using macOS public beta?


I think these are two different issues. I have seen the cursor jump, but not been able to isolate what causes it. If you notice when this happens (eg what action you took), please let me know.

The extra rows I have not seen. There is an issue we just fixed where if you had an empty line at the end of a list, it would turn into an empty list item next time you opened the note. Is that what you are seeing?

We have another issue we are fixing now where it is possible for notes to be cropped, top or bottom, making it look like things are missing. But I guess that is not what you are seeing.

If this is easy for you to reproduce, perhaps you could make a screen capture to show it happening. Might give us some clues. You can send it to

It simply does this automatically:

We hope to push a new beta out tomorrow that hopefully addresses the issues with the repeating checklist item, let us know if you still see it after the update.

Thanks. Can you enroll me in beta program? Not using Agenda these days makes me a bit more anxious :slight_smile:
Thank you!

We’ve just released a new mac beta, you’ll find the instructions on how to install it here: Many thanks for your help!

I’m seeing both the jumping cursor and the repeating list. I’m using Agenda 9.3 on Mojave.

With me, the repeating list is an ordered list, perhaps because that’s what I use the most. I’ll create a note, start list item 1, then come back later and find that I have 20+ items. I originally thought it was something with my keyboard, but apparently there’s more to it than that.

The jumping cursor happens when I try to insert new text at the bottom of an ordered list. I click the mouse at the end of the last item on the list and the cursor unpredictably jumps up to a previous item in the list.

Here’s a screenshot of cursor jump event that just happened. I clicked at the bottom of the list, just to the right of “SBNR” and the cursor appeared there. But when I pressed “return" the cursor jumped up to sub-item 3 in item 5 and deleted “City on a Hill” and created a new item 4.

Here’s what it looked like before I pressed return:

And here’s what it looked like after:

Naturally, I can’t reproduce this. I was able to get the “before” screenshot by doing “undo." But now that I’ve “undone” I can’t make it happen again. I suppose I should be thankful, otherwise Agenda would be unusable. But it does make it hard figure out what’s going on.

I see now that there is an Agenda update (9.3.1). I’ll try that and report back.

We are trying to track this down. The fact that it happens reasonably rarely makes that difficult. If you do notice some pattern, please let us know.

Cursor jumping is still happening in 9.3.1. No discernable pattern yet.

Is it always the first time you put the cursor in a note, for example? Or can it happen after you have been editing a note for a while?

Same think with randomly addded items, and here is a video with cursor jumping:

Okay, I just made it happen again — deliberately this time. Here’s what I observed:

  1. I returned to edit a note that I had created yesterday.
  2. The app had been open overnight, the computer was not set to sleep but the display turns off automatically.
  3. The note was the first note in a project, with another note below it.
  4. I clcked the mouse at the end of the note, right after the thumbnail in item 7.1, then I hit “return” on the keyboard.
  5. The cursor jumped up and created a new line.
  6. If I “undo” and try the same thing again, the app behaves as expected.
  7. I cannot reproduce the event by leaving and reentering the note or by leaving and reentering the app.
  8. Previous events have not involved an image or thumbnail, but as far as I can recall they have all happened after I clicked the mouse at the end of an existing note and hit “return."

Here is the before and after:

The cursor jumped again. But this time I was actively editing a note.

I was editing a note I had made a few days ago. I had made some edits in the middle of trhe note and then clicked at the end to add something. Pressed “return” and the cursor jumped backward, as before.

Happened again. The insertion point doesn’t have to be at the end of the note. It can be in the middle.

I believe that situation could only arise in version 9.3 and some earlier ones. Can you try this?

  1. Check that you have version 9.3.1 in the Agenda > About Agenda
  2. Create a new note with a checklist, and set it up just how you did there
  3. See if the same issue happens.

I just tried this in my copy of 9.3.1, and it didn’t happen. But I have seen that problem in 9.3, and we definitely too steps to remedy it.

The jump I was thinking of was more drastic. The cursor in 9.3 would jump sometimes back to the previous location, which might be many paragraphs away. Have any others seen that in 9.3.1?

Thanks for the detailed description. I will spend a bit more time trying to reproduce this, but it seems to be very difficult. I spent 20 minutes trying to make it happen yesterday, and didn’t see it even once. Perhaps leaving the app for a while is part of it, though you say you have seen it happen even when actively editing, so…

I’ll keep trying.

I have prepared a special build that might fix this problem. It is a bit of guesswork.

You can download it for macOS here:

Can people experiencing this issue try running with this version — which is further just 9.3.1 — and see if the jumping is still happening?


Thanks for the response.

Everything I reported yesterday happened in 9.3.1. I updated immediately after my first report three days ago.

Do I understand you correctly that your special build is "just 9.3.1?” If so, what would that change?

I’m game for helping you fix this if I can. But I am, as you might expect, a little reluctant to switch to an experimental version of Agenda with my existing data. Is there a way to do this without putting my data at risk? Can I, for example, create another user in MacOS and import the data from my own iCloud account to that one?

It makes sense for testing purposes to keep using the same data file rather than starting from scratch with a new one, which will typically work better because it’s smaller. How would I go about transferring Agenda data from one user to another?

The special build is 9.3.1 plus the bug fix. But if it is too much trouble, leave it for now. Hopefully it will be tested in due course.