Inserting URL links

I have just discovered Agenda a few days ago. I am very impressed so far. Happy New Year Agenda users.

After searching community posts and looking carefully through the app, I can only find one method of inserting URL link into a note ie. pasting in the URL.

Is this the only method?

Thanks all.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS 12 iPad

You can also use the Add Link menu on macOS. On iOS there is the “Link” button in the keyboard accessory bar. To use that, select the Aa button, and then scroll over to “Link”

Oops. I did not spot the link in Aa.

Thanks for the help.

I am looking at using your app for other staff in our organisation in which case we will upgrade and support you.

Love the app so far.

Thank you for the support!