Inserting Links can mess formatting

What I did:

  • Put cursor at end of a line (of a checklist paragraph)
  • Used right click to insert a link to another note

What happened:

  • The link was inserted, right up against the text with no space between, and the following line (also a checklist paragraph) jumped up right after the link. (Inserting the link seems to delete the carriage return)
  • Editing the line to tidy up and reinsert the carriage return, seems to result in some of the text of the link being cut off

What I expected:

  • The link to be inserted at the end of the link, with a space between the existing text and the link
  • The next line to be unaffected

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

2.2.1 Mac Appstore

I have reproduced this. What seems to happen is that the text editor makes a selection when you right click, and that is what selects and replaces the new line character. This behavior is actually the default behavior from Apple’s system. I just checked with their notes app, and it does the same thing.

We will see if there is a way to work around this. For now, I found if you add a space, and insert the link before that, it works OK. So maybe that is a workaround for now.

Thanks for reporting this.

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Thanks - I’ll try to remember to insert a space for now! Hope you find a solution, I find right click is so much easier and faster than the top menu.

Have a fix for this now. Will be in the next macOS release, probably in the coming week.