Inserted an image - text appears and I can’t change it?

What I did: inserted an image from my camera roll

What happened: it had ‘untitled image’ next to it in text it wouldn’t let me edit

What I expected: to just see the image, no text

I’m on iOS 12.1.4 and I just downloaded Agenda. How do I just put in a picture and no text?

I think I answered this already. Just tap and hold on the image.

Hi, I am loving using agenda! I have been using it to collate reference images etc. As per the first question here, when I add a photo it adds the file name. I can then press and hold to change the format and remove the file name. But as I have been adding multiple images in each note this wastes a lot of time. Is there any way to change the settings to select how I want each image shown? So that an image with no file name is my default? I have searched the settings and can not find anything. Am I missing it or is it impossible? Thanks in advance D

It’s not possible yet. There are not default settings for attachments at this point. We will consider it in future. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Drew,

Thanks so much for the speedy response! It’s a shame it’s not do-able at the moment but I definitely think it would be a handy change. As I’m not sure many people need the title of the image they’re adding very often. Plus if it’s a photo taken on your phone or a screenshot you just end up with the random code for the title. Still enjoying the app tho! Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

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Agree an image often doesn’t have a very useful title, but an attachment (eg document) often does. It becomes a bit of guess work as to when the title is useful.

Perhaps if we had default for images, and another one for other documents. Even then though, it will require some manual work. Sometimes you want a full width preview, sometimes a thumbnail is fine, etc. So not all images are equal if you see what I mean.

I do completely agree, which is why I think being able to set the defaults would be really handy. And I agree having a default for the documents and images separately would also help. But I’m sure that’s a lot of work for you.

Many Thanks,

Dani Duffy