Insert monochromatic emoji?

I’m not sure how it happened, but I was using the sun emoji :sunny: in some tags. I noticed that in one tag, it appeared in monochrome and was listed separately from the other tags that started with the usual coloured :sunny:. I quite liked this unintentional change and now I can’t revert it back to how it was. Is there a deliberate way to do it?


Hmm I seem to get the sun when I paste it in immediately after a # . It doesn’t always happen though, and it’s not happening for other emoji.


I believe it’s because some emojis have a monochromatic glyph and get “colored” when a modifier is added. Maybe creating an Agenda tag strips that last symbol. You can read more on Wikipedia

Very likely. We have to do some processing of the text to extract the tag label. My guess is that the color is somehow being stripped off. We will have to look into it.

Thanks, that’s really interesting. I have to say I’d love to be able to use the monochromatic glyphs, they look fantastic on labels! But would need a reliable way to trigger them and find them in the first place.

There are two Unicode characters, “Black Sun with Rays” :sunny:︎ and “White Sun with Rays” ☼ in addition to the sun emoji :sunny: – is the uncolored emoji one of the first two?

Edit: Interestingly, the forum software seems to display the “Black Sun with Rays” as the colored emoji.

Just a note: the forum is completely independent to Agenda itself. We do not develop the forum software ourselves, and so it can behave completely differently.