Insert forms, drawing, block diagrams

It would be useful to be able to create not only handwritten images but also block diagram quickly with simple shapes and text.

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We have implemented the drawings with apple’s built in technology. Hopefully they will add features as we go, and Agenda will get these “for free”.

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Is there an apple built-in app on MacOS that I can use for creating drawings on the Mac in Agenda?
I am aware of using the apple pen using iPadOS, works great!

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But so far it is not working to create straight lines or rectangles, right?
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I’m not really up with the very latest in drawing software on Mac. Sketch has always been a frontrunner, but may be a bit pricey for a casual user. Great app though!

You might find that Keynote is good enough for what you need. I know plenty of people who use it for diagramming, and it is usually free for most people.

An oldie but a goodie is OmniGraffle. May again be pricey. Not sure.

I always liked EazyDraw too. Not sure how it is these days, but I see it is still in the store.

Hopefully that gives you a few options. Others are welcome to chip in too. I’m sure there is plenty I have missed.

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Sorry, I thought KSI started this thread regarding handnotes on iPad with the Apple Pen. Using the standard Notes App from Apple you can now create straight lines, rectangles and so on, when you draw it and wait a little longer at the end of drawing. Is something similar planed to support in Agenda?
Drawing SQL relationship charts would be looking much greater with this feature on board.
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What usually happens is that Apple use new tech in their own notes app first, and then make it available to 3rd parties a year or two later. So we are really hopeful that features like this, and perhaps handwriting recognition, will find their way into Agenda via Apple in a year or two.

Our next Apple WWDC is in June. Perhaps we will already get something sweet there. Let’s hope.

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