Insert Date Anywhere



Hi -
Im looking to be able to insert the date anywhere in my document quickly and easily. Would love to have the pop up calendar just come up when I type two slashes // - and have it default to todays date if I hit enter.

Type in // and the date picker pops up - I hit enter, defaults to today’s date with my pref format.

  • 4/11
  • 04/11/19
  • March 11th

I need this for my One On One’s and Agile Meeting Notes! :wink:


Or Devs, please embrace TextExpander!!!


We have looked at it, but it was more involved to add than we thought. Our text handling is quite custom, because we have the markdown shortcuts etc, so it is not completely clear we can easily use their library. Will investigate when we get a chance.


Sounds like Confluence syntax. I‘d like to seen tasks also handled in Agenda like in Confluence.
The combination of picking a date with „//„, adding a person tag with @ to create a task is great in Confluence!


@stz You are correct. That is exactly where I learned it from.