Insert Agenda link with keyboard command

I frequently make links from one note to another. It would be really helpful to have a keyboard command for this. Perhaps if cmd-K also allowed navigation using arrow keys to select a particular note?

We have some ideas in this direction indeed


Keyboard commands would be a great tool. Oh yes and I have a Christmas wishlist; too. Linking mails and persons directly from mail and my adressbook into Agenda would be cool. Or does it already exist and I did not realize it? I know there are workarounds but I would like to have a button to create an Agenda point directly from mail.

To bring this back to insertion of Agenda Links via keyboard (rather than opening up Agenda notes by keyboard), I would also like to add my vote for such a feature. It really breaks my flow to have to keep on going up to the menu bar to insert a link to another note (or go find the other note and copy it as an agenda link). In apps like Quip, anything typed starting with an @ pops up a picker with suggestions of what document or person to link to. Other apps like Notion and Slack, of course, have slash commands to enable a wide variety of actions (inserting blocks, references, etc.) without leaving the keyboard.

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We hope to bring this ability very soon…