Inline Comments

I’d find it useful to be able to add comments of some kind to text in notes - in such a way that they can also be hidden from view, but with a visual indicator that the comment exists.

It would be good if comments could be created markdown style, perhaps by enclosing the comment text between two sets of curly quotes: {{comment text}}. After typing, the comment would disappear, just leaving {}. Hovering on the {} would show the comment as pop up (like a url or an image in a browser, where hovering shows you the link or alt text), clicking on {} would reveal the comment in the paragraph for editing.

It would be useful because I often find when I’m writing I want to comment on the text, but I also want to be able to read the text without being distracted by comments.

This is a great suggestion!

I would love to see this feature on the apps!

Interesting idea. Perhaps this could be added as some sort of special attachment when they come out. For example, you will be able to add a text file soon as an attachment, and have the text of the file appear when clicking. That is almost what you want.

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Sounds cool - though central to my suggestion is to be able to type continuously, and add comments as you go, without breaking one’s flow.

I see. Will think about it.

One way I add comments now is to put a particular tag at the end of the line, and the comment after it.

What I do at the moment is just write the comment in [square brackets], though I also use square brackets for draft text when I don’t want to break my flow by thinking of a better phrase. I should probably use another symbol to make the difference obvious. I’ll try using {curly brackets} for comments. For me using a tag for comments wouldn’t add any benefit as I don’t ever want to search for a comment, and the higher visibility of the tag would be a distraction - I want to get comments out of sight unless I want to read them!