Indenting tables like paragraphs

What I did: Created a table by Menu Insert > Table. Tried to indent the full table by ( CMD + ] ) or menu.

What happened: Cannot indent the full table by hot key. Menu indent option was greyed out when table is selected.

What I expected: Being able to indent the whole table. This option is valuable for my workflow. Say I have two data tables for two aspects of one specific topic. Then, the following layout will look great:

Note for topic 1
->Aspect 1 title
->->[table for aspect 1 results]
->Aspect 2 title
->->[table for aspect 2 results]

Sorry, I didn’t know how to indent here. In above demo “->” indicates one indent level, “->->” indicates two levels.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Version 13.0, MacOS 10.15.7

Thank you!

At this point, tables can’t be indented. They always take up the whole width. We will consider adding this.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks, for anyone else who is interested:
One (not ideal) workaround is to include the tables at the end of your note, and refer them in the note accordingly. This should be usable for now if you don’t have that much of data jog down!