Incorrect Timestamp on Exported PDF



The timestamp on my exported PDF is not congruent to the calendar event I linked the note to.

For example, I had a note linked to a calendar event occurring on Mar 28, 2018 from 10-11 AM.

53 AM

However, when exporting the note to PDF, the top of the file says that it occurred on Mar 28 from 5pm - 6pm:

Is there a time zone setting preference that I’m missing? I’d just assumed that Agenda would use the default time zone used in my calendar.

Thanks for your time!

Agenda v 2.1.1, mac OS High Sierra v 10.13.3


Hmm, that sounds like a timezone issue indeed, we’ll have a look. Can you let us know if the event in your calendar app has a timezone associated or is a floating event?


The event was created by myself, and the calendar I created the event on has the Pacific time zone set as the default. It wasn’t an event added to my calendar after accepting a meeting invite.

I hope that answers your question? Sorry if it totally didn’t, haha.


That is definitely helpful, and when you say created by myself, from within Agenda or in the system Calendar app?


Haha okay!

The event was created in the calendar app first, and the note was just linked to it.


Ok, thanks, we’ll have a look


Quick Update: This issue should be fixed in the next update.