Inconsistent evaluation of placeholders in templates

What I did:
I created a “Quick Note” template containing a text action for the title and a placeholder for the text content. (The timestamp in the text is just for testing / demonstration purposes.)

What happened:
Depending on how the note is created (within the App, Shortcut, URL), the evaluation of the template looks different:

“New Note” in the App:
Both \now actions are evaluated the same way.

Via Shortcut:

Timestamps look the same, text is placed under the template, ignoring the \shared-content placeholder.

Via Call-back URL:


Placeholder for text is evaluated correctly, but \now in the title is not evaluated.

What I expected:
The resulting note should look the same for all the different methods of creation.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
The behavior is the same for Mac and iOS (all Apps on the latest version).

Best regards,

I was not allowed to post more than three images, so here are the missing two:

Result from “New Note” in app:

The Shortcut:

Thanks, we’ll take a look!