Inconsistent behaviour between filters when adding a note

What I did: I was on the ’Today’ Filter and added a new note - It was assigned to ’Today’ from a date point of view.

What happened: If I add a note to a project when on another filter (or no filter) and assign a date manually when there is no title the title changes to the date.

What I expected: The same behaviour when on the today filter as when not on it.

I use agenda as a Bullet Journal, I have a Year, Month, Week and Day Projects - I assign the whole year to the year project and so on, so when I use the ’Today’ Filter I get the current Year, Month, Week and Day notes. Adding a new day from there doesn’t put the date as the title of the day note, so I have to go to teh project, add the note, assign the date and then go back to the filter.

Logically the behavious should be the same with the filter as not.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I’m on the latest version of everything.

Hi William,

I see what you mean and will see if this can be improved
Thanks for the feedback!