Inclusive design via bullet shape and color

I’ve seen a few threads in here about bullet customization, and the common response is that it doesn’t warrant the complexity. I’d like to argue that bullets are among the most commonly used element in most meeting notes, and their scannability and visibility is of crucial importance to the UI of any text app. Many Agenda users also love Bear, which uses an accent color for bullets — and defaults to a bullet character. This makes them significantly easier to read and identify. And it also makes them more accessible, since they can be identified by their contrast and a thicker shape.

Here’s a comparison of Bear vs. Agenda bullets:

Will you re-consider your point of view on this?

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I’m not sure we have expressed a negative view on it, just that we haven’t had time to consider this. We are using dashes at the moment, in line with Apple Notes. We will certainly consider if there should be other options in future.

Thanks for the feedback!

Why the Agenda team should take this minor request seriously?
Because other notetaking is not as good as the Agenda is at the moment.
And we’re expecting the Agenda to become more intuitive, efficient and productive.
If I were you, I would listen to the field guys’ suggestion, because these voices are the complaint they’ll never tell your competitors. When you take it seriously, Agenda shall be able to stay at the top of the ranking of this domain.

Time is an organization’s scarcest and most often squandered resource.
It would be critical when people starting lean on Agenda and try to well-organize all the immersive events, and the meetings are always a headache for most of the person who ignores the advanced skill sets of time management. And if you look a little bit deeper, you’ll soon figure out that the agenda either routine or unexpected events are combined with lots of details that need to be written down and it should be more logically and clearly.

Typical “Cornel Note-Taking System for Business or Ciient Meeting” attached, FYR.

• Bullets, phrases, and pictures
• Avoid sentences and paragraphs
• develop abbreviations and symbols

Optional note-taking skills during the meeting:
• Main Points(Scope/Objective/Requirements)
• Bullet Points
• Priority
• Outline
• Abbreviate
• Paragraphs
• Drawings
• Color Codes
• Measurements(Successful Criteria/Bench Marks)
• Audio Notes
• Diagram/Chart/Spreadsheets
• Avoid sentences and paragraphs
• Symbols and Markup(Apple Pencil or so)


Actually, Apple note does offer dots for bullets!

Yeah, they have a separate list type. We only support the dashed lists at this point. (Have a feeling Apple only had those in the beginning too, but not sure.)

Dashed lists have been adopted because they fit the markdown world. But we will certainly look at other options in future.

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