Includes notes created today in the "Today" overview


Right now the “Today” overview tab is kind limited. It only display notes assigned to today. Maybe display all the notes that created today would be a good extension?

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I look at the “Today” overview as what I would like to accomplish today. Not nessesarliy the notes that I created today. You can look at the “Recently Edited” area in the right pane to see recent notes. Maybe the authors can let you know if there are other ways. You can possibly create a project and category for "Notes Created Today” and place them there. Or possibly a “search all” for notes tagged as “Created Today”.

I’m relatively new with Agenda but enjoyed the challenge of your request.

That is where On the Agenda comes in useful. I remove items from On The Agenda once they are finished with

I do that too from time to time but most of time I just have one daily journal note assigned to today and that’s it. Meanwhile I created other ideas, thoughts, things and I found online etc but do not typically require my actions today. I just thought if they are listed under “Today” I could a kind of quick access/reference to what I created today.

Edit: Just found out that I could long-click the following and see only “Edited Today” notes, this kind solves my needs.

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Right! Forgot about that. Glad that does the trick.