Include pinned, undated notes in current date filter

I have a few pinned, undated notes in a project, that are “context” notes. They provide me with quick links and information I need for the project.

When I do a date filter for “this week”, those notes get filtered out since they’re not dated as of this week. But, I would like the pinned notes to continue to appear, because they’re important and provide context for the dated notes collected by the filter.

Interesting idea - I can see the use of this feature. Filter: “selected date range + pinned"

Indeed, it’s more likely we’ll allow you to configure this through saved searches where we make the search options more powerful.

Hopefully it works with arbitrary searches and filtering as well so I don’t have to create a saved search for each project.

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That’s the idea, to create a normal search that you can then optionally save.

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