In line files

When opening an inline image the focus defaults to the file name. The next thing you type changes the file name.You can quickly lose the file name and have to spend 10 minutes recovering it, and of course getting it exactly right.
Here’s a pic of what I mean.

I’m not really following, sorry. I can’t tell from the screenshot exactly what is going wrong.

The easiest way to change the name of the file is to click it on Mac, or long-tap on iOS, to bring up the popover info.


It’s not a bug Drew — just that when you click on the thumbnail or inline file or whatever the link to the file, you get this drop down.

Note that the file name is highlighted and active. Whatever you type next becomes the file name. So one inadvertent key stroke and you have to spend the next 10 minutes restoring the accurate name, or deleting the link and relinking. It happened to me twice, and, at least from my perspective, seems like undesirable behavior for the drop down.



Hi Michael, undo should work in that textfield if you accidentally erase the title.