In iOS top portion moved or deleted in sync



Hi there!

Downloaded Agenda on Mac and iOS yesterday and am loving it so far. I think I noticed a bug though.

I notice that on iOS, the top portion of my project notes have been altered. At times a portion of the bottom is moved to the top, other times it is deleted entirely. I have a feeling this has to do with syncing? It’s making the app a bit hard to use, just because I keep having to edit or recall my notes.

Maybe an ability to restore notes to a previous date would be a helpful feature?


Do you notes disappear? Does switching to another project and then back again help?

If that doesn’t help, how about force quitting Agenda, ie, double click home button, swipe Agenda away to the top of the screen, and then launch again.

We do have a lot of stability improvements coming very soon. Have been hard at work.

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The notes don’t seem to disappear, it seems like a chunk from the top is moved to the middle. I’ve had only one case where it disappeared entirely. The text effected is usually formatted with a heading or list. The main issue is that my Mac version of the app syncs with the messed up notes on iOS, giving me a bit of a headache.

I’ve tried switching notes, doing a clean reboot, no luck unfortunately. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if I notice any other quirks.

I appreciate the prompt reply! I’ll keep using Agenda, it’s still the best note taking app I’ve found:) Keep up the hard work!


This sounds like two issues. First a note resizing issue indeed where the note doesn’t calculate the correct size. Second we are aware of an issue where editing of the same note containing lists can under rare occasions lead to the order of the list items to be changed. We have fixed this issue and it’s already in the iOS update. We are currently wrapping up a Mac update that should fix the other part of the equation. The iOS update we have upcoming should hopefully also address the note resizing issue. Apologies for the inconvenience these two issues have been causing!
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Great to hear! Thanks for the help.


Update: We believe we have fixed both issues in the latest Mac and iOS releases