In full screen mode, email link opens mail-view in new workspace

What I did:
open an email-link I created. Agenda is in full screen mode

What happened:
the email flashed briefly (< 1 sec) in split-screen view along side Agenda, then the mail-window dissapeared. Agenda dropped out of full-screen mode.
The email is in full-screen mode in a new workspace so I have to go there to read it and when back in Agenda, re-enter full screen mode.

What I expected:
That Agenda remains in full-screen view. And that the email shows in a split-screen alongside Agenda in the other split-screen. It is fine if the email shows in the Mail app, as a standard size Mail window (or, when Mail is in full-screen mode also, in split-screen within the Mail app).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda notes version 6.0.1; OSX 10.14.6, MacBook Pro 13” late 2012.
There is no difference to Mail being full-screen mode or not, it is consistent with Agenda in full-screen mode.

This may be due to not being enough space for the two apps. You may have more luck if you close one or both side panels in Agenda. That may free up some space to put Mail in.

Yeah, Drew, that does it, works fine then. Thanks for the speedy help!.
Best of luck with this great app, very much like it and I’ll be extending my ‘get all features’ for the 2nd year running!

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That’s brilliant to hear Martin, thank you so much!