In Chinese, when a card is clicked, the contents of the card may be cleared

What I did: clicke a card

What happened: the contents of the card may be cleared

What I expected: Fix this bug

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPad mini 5

Do you mean the contents disappear completely? Does restarting the app fix the problem, or turning the screen?

Yes, the content completely disappears, and it’s not recoverable. It happens all the time.

发自我的iPad mini 5

I have never heard of this issue before, so you will need to help me with more details.

How much text is in the note?

Does all the text disappear, or just one line of text?

Is the line of text that disappears at the end of the note?

Can you perhaps send a screenshot?

Do you have other devices syncing up? Do they have the missing text?

Also, which version of Agenda do you have? Is it the latest 10.0.2 version?

Yes, this is the latest 10.0.2 release. No other devices are in sync. When I click one of the words in the card, the card’s contents vanish in an instant. I can’t provide the screenshot because it happens instantaneously and seems random.

发自我的iPad mini 5

When you say the contents vanish, you mean the whole note? All the text in the note?

If you put the cursor in the note, and type a return/enter character to make a new line, does the text reappear?

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发自我的iPad mini 5

I haven’t tried to fix it with carriage return, but I can’t get it back any other way. I haven’t noticed that in the last few days. I guess it’s easy to reproduce this Bug when copying content from other apps.

发自我的iPad mini 5

There is an APP called iNote, which is very similar to your APP. I like it’s style. But the APP is not mature yet. I prefer the functions of your APP. I hope you can add file backup and background paper selection to your APP. I wanted the left bar to be fixed so that it would be easier and faster to switch between different documents.

发自我的iPad mini 5