In Calendar: Hide calendar name

I find it distracting to see the name of the iCal calendars shown above each event in the Calendar sidebar in Agenda. For me it doesn’t add anything useful, and just adds unncessary, duplicated clutter. Especially as given the understandable desire of the Agenda team to keep the calendar lightweight, I often open Fantastical when I need a more fully featured calendar. (Interestingly, the calendar name is still shown, even if only one calendar is selected in Settings.)

It would be great to be able to prevent the calendar name from showing.

Also, if the calendar name wasn’t shown, it would be great if the event name could wrap onto two lines – currently the event name is often truncated making it sometimes difficult to recognise the event.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it along!

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@trebso , I could go along with the calendar name not being there as long as the color bar stayed and moving over it would view the name. I have always used (calendar) as broad color coded categories. I remember the categories by color but many might not. Also the control handle on the related panel also resizes the width.

In a similar light, I think the included calendars should be selectable from the panel rather than settings.

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