Improving export


I recently tried export for the first time and I was surprised that it exports a single file, even if I have multiple notes or even multiple projects selected.

It would be really nice and helpful to have individual files for each note. It would be even nicer to have a folder structure that reflects the Agenda structure.

Lastly, it would be totally awesome if links to other notes would turn into links usable outside Agenda. If I have multiple notes linking to each other, but after export they all link back to Agenda, they’re rather useless.

I’m aware the last one is rather tricky, since Markdown/PDF/RTF files would have to point to other files and that depends on the OS among other things. I suppose even a basic, relative path based on the folder structure would be better than nothing. Furthermore, HTML exports links differently still, but at least they’re consistent across platforms and just work.


Linking things outside of Agenda would be very difficult, I’m afraid. As you point out, it would require certain assumptions.

We will consider whether splitting notes could be an option in future. I think this very much depends on what you are doing. It also complicates the export, in the sense that you don’t just get a self contained file, you get a folder, with other files in it.

We’ll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

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