Importing projects

you can slightly improve the workflow while importing Agenda/Markdown/Evernote files.
You can choose wether to choose (create) a new project, or to import the file into an existing project in case you have selected one prior importing. So, if I choose to create a new project: What about the idea to name that project accordingly to the name of the agenda file?
For instance, my Angenda file „Plan to save the world“ will import to the new project „Vote Trump away“… ok, you get the idea :innocent:
In case such named project already exists, Agenda can rename it with an appendix 2 or something like that.

Well, I think that’s a function you will use not more often than once in a lifetime — but it would have magically create a smile in my face as I tried this. :grin:


Thanks for the feedback! We will consider it.