Importing notes from Bear, Drafts 5 etc.

Hi all, I’m using Agenda extensively for projects now and very much enjoying it. Looking forward to the iOS version! A quick question: Will there be integration with IFTTT, and other share/action protocols? I do a lot of quick notetaking in apps such as Bear and Drafts 5, and a quick way to import of notes from these other apps would integrate Agenda more dynamically into my workflow.

Apologies in advance if this has been already answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Keep up the great work!

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Initially, we will just have the basic support, ie copy/paste and drag and drop. Also linking to notes with Agenda Links.

Further integration down the track is certainly something that would be good to do.

Thanks for the feedback!


I am in exactly the same boat!

I personally would like a strong URL scheme more than IFTTT. With the ability to:

  1. Link to Project or specific note obtained via share sheet “Copy” action or by name scheme (Things 3 does this nicely)
  2. URL scheme to Add Note (start simple and add options over time)
  3. URL scheme to Search
  4. URL scheme to update note
  5. URL scheme to get list of notes for project with IDs to use in Edit (think Workflow and x-callback-url)

Would love to see this on the Mac version as well!


I think we will definitely build out the URL stuff in time. For now we will be supporting Agenda Links to projects and notes. You should be able to put these in other apps, and tap to open Agenda at that item.

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I would like a URL callback scheme to a note – or project? Please!

IFTTT of little interest, not really helpful

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We already support Agenda Links for notes and projects. You can copy the link, and paste it into another app. When you tap the link, it should open Agenda and show the note.

Could you explain where I would find the link ID?

There is an ‘insert link’ and the ‘Link to’ works well but I have failed to find a link I can copy.

From your description, this sounds like the URL callback I was looking for.

You can use the cog button at the bottom. Should have an option “Copy Agenda Link”.

Thanks, Drew. Found it!

For clarity and benefit of others, either control/right click on expanded note or use cog wheel (same menu) then look for:

Copy as > Agenda link

The only way to get the Link for a project is via the menu-item “Note -> Link To”.
It would be nice to just right click the project in the sidebar and copy the link from there.

Thanks a lot.

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Having that option in the sidebar contextual menu would be a good idea. Thanks.

Note that you can select the project, and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link. There is a shortcut for that too (shift-cmd-L), so if this is something you do often, that could make it quite fast.

Note that this gives a link to the project. If you want a link to a note, you select the note, and use the same shortcut.

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