Importing from Bear App

I have exported a note in bear as a MD file and as TextBundle. When import into Agenda, sometimes links are handled correctly but most often they are not. For example.

In the image (above) ‘iPhone mount’ correctly attaches the link to the word ‘here’ But in the line ‘L-Track’ It doesn’t. This latter behavior happens about 90% of the time and I cannot figure out why.

The above is a screen shot of the same lines from the Bear File.

I have also created a similar thread in the Talk forum. Asking if anybody has a strategy for moving from Bear to Agenda.

I have been playing with exporting from Bear and importing to Agenda, but image links get lost. I have tried Markdown export/import and textbundle. It looks like Agenda doesn’t pickup the images on import, they are def. there.

I wonder if anyone else has figured this out.

In both cases, would it be possible to send us the TextBundle file that Bear app produces? If it contains private content, you can email it to

I’ll email a much smaller bundle. This also has a single image that also didn’t come across to Agenda.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Was there a follow up to this? I too have lots of items in Bear I want to move across

We support text bundle format now, and bear does too, so I think it should be easier than it was before. Let us know if there are issues.

Screenshot of Bear note and text bundle imported to Agenda. It appears to me that the problem is from bear. Also attaching md file. Can’t attach bundle files here.
Classic Shrimp Scampi (981 Bytes)

Is it possible for you to send me this textbundle ( I can then test and see why this is failing.

If I delete the note in bear and open the textbundle Bear imports it correctly. I can copy/paste the image or the text. If both are selected, image link and text are pasted. Same with opening a textbundle.

Chicken Enchiladas With Salsa Verde (562 KB)

Chicken Enchiladas With Salsa Verde Recipe.agenda (3.94 KB)


Thanks! Was able to use your file to track down the issue. Will be fixed in our next release. In the meantime, you can workaround it by making sure that images have an alt text entry. That was the bug. An empty alt text would cause this.

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