Importing and exporting link text

This seems like a tricky issue.

Agenda helpfully creates links on imported links. For instance, I have a template in Shortcuts with embedded shortcuts:// links. When I load up the template using an agenda://x-callback-url/create-note url scheme, the links are clickable, even though they aren’t written in formal markdown syntax (e.g. ([square brackets](parentheses). This is good.

However, when I export the same note as markdown, because they’re links in Agenda, the export adds formal markdown to them. shortcuts://run-shortcut becomes [shortcuts://run-shortcut](shortcuts://run-shortcut). This seems bad.

I tried exporting as plaintext instead, but plaintext still includes the Markdown URL syntax around those links.

Should export recognize links that are written straight into the text and not wrap them in redundant link syntax?

Related: Share → plaintext might not be working as intended.

Share → Plaintext and then Quick Look in Shortcuts … it fails to preview.

Share → Plaintext → Copy and then paste into a text field, and the result is markdown.

Share → Plaintext → Shortcuts → Copy to Clipboard → paste, and the result is only the title of the note.

I would expect the plaintext export to simply be the straight text of the note with no markup/syntax whatsoever, no?

Thanks for reporting, we’ll indeed see if we can prevent the markdown type wrapping if the URL is the same as the link text.

I would expect the plaintext export to simply be the straight text of the note with no markup/syntax whatsoever, no?

The problem with sharing is that there’s so many possible scenarios, that there’s always a range of them that work and don’t work no matter what choice you make. We feel that the mark down format is the most suitable as plain text format.

Fair, but then what is the difference between plaintext and markdown export?

When it comes to export there’s none at the moment.

Ah, then I would suggest either removing one of the options or differentiating the result appropriately. I think we (users) will know the different scenarios enough to use plaintext appropriately vs. markdown.

Not a big deal though.

You might have better luck just copying the text, and then using Edit > Paste and Match Style in the other app. I think then you will get pure plain text.

Ah, good idea. It’s not a crucial use case for me. I’m actually exporting the whole note to process certain lines into Fantastical for a daily schedule, so the Share note or Copy as… features are what I’m looking for. These issues aren’t breaking the workflow though!