Importing a large Markdown journal

What I did: I imported the 312 entries of my journal into a single project (by the way, the French translation for that option is way off). They are all in Markdown, each in a file starting with the YYYY-MM-DD format, often with nothing else (e.g.,, and the creation date of each file is the date indicated in the file name. Inside each file are my notes for that day, sometimes with headings (starting with H1), sometimes without, and sometimes with more advanced Markdown.

What happened: 312 entries have been imported. Some have been split by heading. Some have retained the file name with the date. The order is seemingly random. No date is associated with the entries.

What I expected: That each of the files would result in a dated entry, with the same title as the file names, simply containing all the contents of the file, without splitting anything. That the correct date metadata would be imported too, so that I could continue working on my journal, this time with Agenda.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 18.1.2, macOS 14.0, on a MBP 16" M1 Pro.

I also tried the same with a single Markdown file containing all my entries, each one with a H1 heading indicating what was previously the file name. My third try was with TextBundle, but I couldn’t import more than one at a time.

Thanks for reporting, a few questions:

Could you illustrate the things that go wrong by sending some screenshots, and/or ideally the files you try to import? If you don’t want to share them here perhaps you want to email them to me ( and I’ll make sure to delete them after analysis right away.

Also, can you send a screenshot of the French translation that is wrong (cc. @cortig)?

I cannot share the notes with you, unfortunately. But I made an archive with 300 “Lorem Ipsum” Markdown files whose structure mimics my files, as well as the script to generate them. You will be able to reproduce my report at the start of this thread and see what’s wrong.
Test Agenda Markdown (577.8 KB)

Note that in the meantime, I managed to import everything using a Shortcut I created. The import took time and Agenda did crash a few times. I’m leaving you the shortcut too.
Conversion (14.2 KB)

About the translation, here is the culprit (options view in the open panel for Markdown import):

“Sélectionnez un projet” should rather be “Projet sélectionné”.

Forgot to mention: you will certainly experience it, but scrolling or typing in my Agenda project is getting quite laggy with that many notes, even on my M1 Pro.

Thanks so much, that’s super helpful, we’ll take a look. Merci beaucoup!

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I went to take a look in the localization database and I see it’s already fixed :slight_smile:


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Excuse my French @cortig! :smiley: