Imported pictures and PDF on MacBook Pro blurry, very sharp on iPad

What I did: I have imported some pictures and PDF files in several notes.

What happened: Imported pictures and PDF files are blurry on my MacBook Pro 2017, when I look on my iPad (6th generation) all imported pictures and PDF files look very sharp.

What I expected: Sharp pictures and PDF files on my MacBook as well.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version 10.0.3 on MacBook Pro.

Hmm, we will investigate this. Thank you for reporting it.

I have fixed this now. It will be in version 11 in a few weeks time. Thank you for reporting it!


Thank you for your quick reply! Nice to hear that you have fixed it! Succes with this briljant application. It’s one of my favorites!

Hello Drew,

Thank you for your quick response. Nice to hear that you have solved it!

Succes with this very nice and beautiful application! For me one of the best Mac applications ever!!!

Kind regards,