Imported notes from Apple contains only headlines

Hi, and thanks for a great product. I have a question though. After importing all my notes from Apple Notes it just import categories (i.e Poems) and the notes inside that category show only headline and no content. Why is that? Thanks in advance.

What was in the notes? Attachments or images?

Unfortunately, Apple do not export those to Agenda, so we have no way to get them. We can only get the text, and even then there are limitations (eg checklists come across as normal lists).

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Thanks for the reply. It’s all kind of attachments: text, web clippings, pictures, and so on. Only category headlines are transferred. Found a solution, even though it’s time consuming, and that is to convert to pdf and then transfer.

On the upside though, I have an opportunity to delete old or obsolete notes and make a new system.

Yes, I’m afraid attachments will not work unfortunately. A limitation to what Apple export to us. You would probably need to drag the attachments over one at a time.

Thanks. Yes, that’s what I do.