Imported Apple Notes, cannot see dates of notes

What I did:
Imported my Apple Notes

What happened:
Got them, but cannot see the creation date of notes, so I’m unable to say when a note was written, which is… necessary for migrating a journal from Notes to Agenda.

What I expected:
This is necessary for migrating a typical journaling workflow from one app to the other.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest version of both apps.

The dates on notes in Agenda don’t correspond to the creation date. They are a date that you pick. Perhaps the date of an event etc.

For a diary, I can see you would want the creation date, but Agenda can’t really know that, so it doesn’t carry over that info.

The creation date of the Agenda notes is there in the cog menu at the bottom. Of course, this will be the import date, so again, not very useful.

Perhaps in future we can consider taking account of the date, perhaps offering an option to use them as the date of the notes. Will consider this.

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Hi Drew, thanks for looking into this. Right now it prevent something very simple: As a note taker, I want to know the context of the note to figure out it’s origin, and “when was this note taken” is necessary for that. It’s so important that Day One for example work mainly on that basis (see their UI).

My bet is that a lot of your clients could be switcher. It makes it hard for me to switch.

If you use Agenda as a journal along the lines of Day One you might simply want to enable “Assign Today to New Notes” option in the Agenda preferences.

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