Imported Apple Notes and I want to date them

Hello Team. Great app! Good job.
I love that I was able to import my massive catelog of Apple Notes. A particular set of notes I imported is an annual diary. Each year I start a new one and title is with the year (e.g 2018). Each entry has a date (e.g. March 18). And I delimit each note with a few forward slashes (////).
It would be helpful if I could somehow have Agenda pick up the dates — or at the very least, allow me to select each entry and give it a date.

Thanks for the feedback.

Is selecting each entry and giving it a date really any better than just going through the imported notes and adding dates after the import? Seems that is pretty much the same.

It would be nice to detect the date in the title. I think we do that in some cases, but maybe only if it is a date and nothing else.

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Hi Drew

Thanks for the reply.

Im not clear on how to apply the solution you describe. Or maybe I didn’t explain the challenge effectively(?)

At the start of each year i start a new note in Apple Notes and title it with the year. Then, every day of the year, in that single note i make at least one entry. I start each entry by typing in the date.

For example:


OK, thanks. I think it would be difficult for us to come up with a scheme to suits everyone’s approach. I think each person is probably doing this slightly differently, and it would be very difficult to get a computer to determine where to split notes and grab dates etc. But the feedback is certainly welcome, and we’ll keep it in mind.