Import notes from Obsidian

Hello everybody,
Nice work with your app it’s a great job.
I have many notes on Obsidian with backlinks ( the main drawback of importing)
Any idea for bulk importing such directory of Obsidian notes in one pass with backlinks working ?
I tried with MD import but it seems that backlinks are note correctly interpreted! I only have [[xxx]] in the text. Thanks!

Unfortunately we don’t support backlinks upon import at the moment, would it be possible to send us an example export from Obsidian with some of the notes containing backlinks to each other?

Hello. Thanks for your quick answer. It is really simple. Links from one note to another note used double brackets for referencing target note. The text inside double brackets [[]] is the exact name of the linked file (without extension). Ex : link for [[note28]] is a link to the file. Regards.

Example of links : [[MANAGEMENT]], [[GOOGLE]].
[[MANAGEMENT]] is a reference to file.
[[GOOGLE]] is a reference to file.

In both cases, Obsidian when it render file, transform double brackets links into clickable link.
On this basis, backlink are automatically managed by Obsidian, Agenda do the same.

The problem in this case is the mismatch between notes and projects upon import and how to hook up these links at import time. We’ll see if we can add some smartness to resolve things more dynamically.

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btw, since we’re not obsidian users ourselves it would still be good to have some representative export samples to validate any solutions against.

202212281429 - TEST (159 Bytes)
I tried to add two simple files. HOPE THIS WORKS.

202212281847 - (91 Bytes)

Just below. Regards.

Thanks, we’ll take a look!